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Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony Ticket Information

Every senior is designated 12 tickets. Tickets are online and must be redeemed. To redeem your tickets you can do one of the following:

Once you get the event from one of the methods above follow these steps:

  1. Click “Get Tickets”

  2. In the Passcode box, enter your graduating senior’s first name and last name. 

          EXAMPLE - DaveJackson (no space, capitalize first letter of each name)

  1. Add up to 12 tickets. (Not all 12 have to be claimed at the same time)

  2. Follow the checkout instructions and enter required information. 

  3. Click Checkout (There is no fee but you must complete this step to proceed)

  4. At this time you can download your tickets, save them in an email, text them to your phone, or print them out. (If you have the mobile app it will save your tickets on the app). 

  5. Everyone ages 5 and over must have a ticket. 

  6. Tickets become void once scanned at the event so no duplicate tickets are permitted. 

General Information

  • Stadium gates will open at 7:00 PM. 

  • Seats are first come first serve. 

  • There will be no re-entry into the event. 

  • Handicap seating is reserved for handicapped only. 

  • There is no standing along the front railings or in the aisles.

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