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Congratulations Northridge Local Schools!

Congratulations to all three Northridge Schools! They have each achieved the Bronze level in Montgomery County ESC and Montgomery County ADAMHS's Schools of Excellence in Prevention Program!  The schools have made significant efforts to plan for and implement prevention programs and strategies to support student mental wellness. Northridge continues to meet the needs of the Whole Child!

7th/8th/12th GRADE VACCINE CLINIC - September 20th, 2021

All incoming 2021-2022 7th graders are required to get 2 immunizations for school: 1) Tdap 2) MCV4/Menactra.

All incoming 2021-2022 12th graders are required to get 1 immunization for school:  1) MCV4/Menactra.

Additionally, there are currently @40 8th graders who do not have their required 7th grade immunizations from last year.  

We will be hosting an immunization clinic with our health partner - Primary Health Solutions - to administer these vaccines DURING THE SCHOOL DAY for those who choose to participate.

In order to participate:

1. IF YOUR CHILD IS ALREADY ENROLLED WITH PHS - simply fill out the top sheet and return to school/email to [email protected]. Immunization Clinic Top Sheet Only - Download Here

2. IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT ENROLLED WITH PHS, you must fill out the entire packet and return to school. 
Immunization Clinic Full Packet - Download Here

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