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Important Message
Dear Northridge Family,

Good morning and God bless!  It has come to our attention that there is misinformation being spread in the community, primarily through social media channels such as Facebook, regarding bed bugs at Northridge Local Schools.  There is NOT a bed bug issue within the Northridge Local Schools facilities, on campus, on buses or in any of our buildings.  Again to be clear, there is NO bed bug problem here at the Northridge Local Schools.  The district regularly has professional treatment for unwanted “bugs” at our school, but there have been NO instances where additional professional treatment has been requested for any bed bug issues. Please consider this information an effort to reduce the spreading of rumors that may be damaging to both our amazing students and/or the Northridge community at large.

Like all school districts, we have had several instances over the course of the school year in which a single bed bug has been found on a student or a student's desk for example.  Per district policy, each of those instances has been immediately addressed. It should also be noted that bed bugs are nocturnal (at night) feeders that require a host to feed.  Therefore, a school environment cannot sustain or grow a bed bug population.  Every school district's biggest concern is making sure that bed bugs do not "hitchhike" from one student's belongings to another.  Northridge Local Schools' staff makes every effort, by following school policies, to keep that from happening.  

Over the course of the last two years, the Northridge Local Schools has made the strongest case possible that we value the health and safety of students, staff, and our community at large, above all else.  We have been decisive and transparent.  Bed bugs are a very real issue in many homes throughout the Miami Valley, and we will continue to support our families in that struggle.  But, rest assured, Northridge Local Schools does NOT have an issue with bed bugs.

With care,

Dave Jackson, Superintendent

Jeff Lisath, Director of Operations

Shane Allison, School Nurse